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#include "common.h"

static int progress_cb(const char *str, int len, void *data)
  printf("remote: %.*s", len, str);
  fflush(stdout); /* We don't have the \n to force the flush */
  return 0;

This function gets called for each remote-tracking branch that gets updated. The message we output depends on whether it's a new one or an update.

static int update_cb(const char *refname, const git_oid *a, const git_oid *b, void *data)
  char a_str[GIT_OID_SHA1_HEXSIZE+1], b_str[GIT_OID_SHA1_HEXSIZE+1];

  git_oid_fmt(b_str, b);
  b_str[GIT_OID_SHA1_HEXSIZE] = '\0';

  if (git_oid_is_zero(a)) {
    printf("[new]     %.20s %s\n", b_str, refname);
  } else {
    git_oid_fmt(a_str, a);
    a_str[GIT_OID_SHA1_HEXSIZE] = '\0';
    printf("[updated] %.10s..%.10s %s\n", a_str, b_str, refname);

  return 0;

This gets called during the download and indexing. Here we show processed and total objects in the pack and the amount of received data. Most frontends will probably want to show a percentage and the download rate.

static int transfer_progress_cb(const git_indexer_progress *stats, void *payload)

  if (stats->received_objects == stats->total_objects) {
    printf("Resolving deltas %u/%u\r",
           stats->indexed_deltas, stats->total_deltas);
  } else if (stats->total_objects > 0) {
    printf("Received %u/%u objects (%u) in %" PRIuZ " bytes\r",
           stats->received_objects, stats->total_objects,
           stats->indexed_objects, stats->received_bytes);
  return 0;

Entry point for this command

int lg2_fetch(git_repository *repo, int argc, char **argv)
  git_remote *remote = NULL;
  const git_indexer_progress *stats;
  git_fetch_options fetch_opts = GIT_FETCH_OPTIONS_INIT;

  if (argc < 2) {
    fprintf(stderr, "usage: %s fetch <repo>\n", argv[-1]);
    return EXIT_FAILURE;

  /* Figure out whether it's a named remote or a URL */
  printf("Fetching %s for repo %p\n", argv[1], repo);
  if (git_remote_lookup(&remote, repo, argv[1]) < 0)
    if (git_remote_create_anonymous(&remote, repo, argv[1]) < 0)
      goto on_error;

  /* Set up the callbacks (only update_tips for now) */
  fetch_opts.callbacks.update_tips = &update_cb;
  fetch_opts.callbacks.sideband_progress = &progress_cb;
  fetch_opts.callbacks.transfer_progress = transfer_progress_cb;
  fetch_opts.callbacks.credentials = cred_acquire_cb;

Perform the fetch with the configured refspecs from the config. Update the reflog for the updated references with "fetch".

  if (git_remote_fetch(remote, NULL, &fetch_opts, "fetch") < 0)
    goto on_error;

If there are local objects (we got a thin pack), then tell the user how many objects we saved from having to cross the network.

  stats = git_remote_stats(remote);
  if (stats->local_objects > 0) {
    printf("\rReceived %u/%u objects in %" PRIuZ " bytes (used %u local objects)\n",
           stats->indexed_objects, stats->total_objects, stats->received_bytes, stats->local_objects);
  } else{
    printf("\rReceived %u/%u objects in %" PRIuZ "bytes\n",
      stats->indexed_objects, stats->total_objects, stats->received_bytes);


  return 0;

  return -1;