Security Information

Information about security advisories affecting libgit2 and the releases that provide resolution.

In case you think to have found a security issue with libgit2, please do not open a public issue. Instead, you can report the issue to the private mailing list

Ignores submodule configuration entries with names which attempt to perform path traversal and can be exploited to write to an arbitrary path or for remote code execution. libgit2 itself is not vulnerable to RCE but tool implementations which execute hooks after fetching might be. This is CVE-2018-11235.

It is forbidden for a .gitmodules file to be a symlink which could cause a Git implementation to write outside of the repository and and bypass the fsck checks for CVE-2018-11235.

As the index is never transferred via the network, exploitation requires an attacker to have access to the local repository.

This does not affect you if you rely on a system-installed version of zlib. All users of v0.26.0 who use the bundled zlib should upgrade to this release.